Very simple physical exercise to discover and optimize strengths

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I overcame colorblindness by collaborating with—and trusting—people who were being a great deal greater than I am at observing color. As a leader, I uncovered early on to detect wherever they are more powerful than I am in other techniques as well.

It can be intimidating to take care of someone who could have far more topic make any difference skills or possibly has more training in a individual area. Or it’s possible, as in my situation, some people are just additional organized than you. People are the folks you want on your group.

Aim on strengths, not weaknesses

Regardless of whether you are a people today leader or an specific contributor, you want to optimize for your very own strengths though leveraging and encouraging the strengths of your colleagues.

Why? Mainly because science displays that concentrating on strengths is superior for commitment. A current examine by Gallup demonstrates that a target on strengths can boost efficiency by 8% to 18% and lower attrition charges by 20% to 73%. That past determine is 1 to look at, specifically through the Good Resignation.

There are lots of equipment out there to help you understand your strengths. Gallup has the Clifton Strengthsfinder. Yet another great one particular is StrengthScope, which includes methods on how to have power-finding discussions with your workforce. However a further preferred device, named 16 Personalities, yields a thorough report on strengths and weaknesses that they explain as a “freakishly accurate” description of who you are and why you do issues the way you do. This previous 1 feels a minimal far more light-weight and exciting (IMHO) as it consists of a set of adorable illustrations symbolizing every of the character types.

Perform an exercise in comprehending

It’s essential and empowering to understand your possess strengths. But the energy of this understanding is multiplied when you share it with your collaborators. 

It requires some vulnerability to overtly explore one’s very own strengths and weaknesses. No matter whether concerning a manager and immediate report or between colleagues, it demands a safe space. But if you have these matters, it’s thoroughly probable to sync your strengths and flip your collaboration into a powerhouse of self-reflection and mutual guidance.

It will help to have just about every of you go by a single of the investigation equipment in progress of the discussion. But it’s not a requisite. It can also be balanced and helpful to simply sit and record out individuals tasks that you really feel are your strengths and weaknesses. It’s the a person-on-a person discussion and sharing below that will bolster you each.

There is a straightforward illustration of what this physical exercise could look like on the FunRestrospectives web-site. A very simple grid on the whiteboard (or if you are remote, a tool like Mural or Google Jamboard) is your workspace for notion-sharing.

How the physical exercise performs

  • Each participant writes their strengths and weaknesses on personal Article-it notes. (10 minutes)
  • Every single individual shares their strengths. Examine briefly individuals you both of those share, and go deeper on all those that are distinctive. (5 minutes each)
  • Chat by each and every of the weaknesses by supplying each individual other some history and context. (5 minutes each and every)
  • Choose a crack. It’s possible even arrive back again to it tomorrow just after you have both experienced time to system.
  • Sort the notes by pushing all of the prevalent/shared strengths to a single facet. Then target on discovering the enhance for each strength/weak spot, for illustration, might I have listed “organizational skill” as a weakness, but my colleague has it as a energy. Shift both equally Put up-its to their side of the chart. This is some thing you both equally concur that they’ll own. (20 minutes)
  • Explore and agree on which weaknesses are shared. The place you both may perhaps slide shorter, how will you achieve the strengths that are required? Does somebody else on the workforce have that power? Can you bring anyone else in or generate a new purpose? (10 minutes)

The occasions indicated below are just a recommendation. In some cases these discussions can be so participating that they extend over a number of sessions about a number of times. No matter how lengthy it requires, it’ll be vital to retain returning to the dialogue of the strengths in your one particular-on-1 meetings. Make area for holding just about every other accountable and supporting one another.

Klaus Heesch is head of Optimism & Sustainable Advancement, an Working experience Design chief, speaker, and pleasure practitioner.