Presents for Your Fitness Fanatic

Form introduced the goggles in 2019, after spending two years experimenting with silicone rubber and 3-D printing to ensure the product not only worked, but was versatile enough to fit most faces.

The company has shipped 45,000 units so far this year, Mr. Eisenhardt said.

A former member of the USA Boxing team, Tommy Duquette, and his five partners spent nearly three years creating a device with a proprietary algorithm to detect punches. Called a punch tracker, the finger-long unit not only counts punches, but captures their volume, speed and output.

It remains at the heart of FightCamp, an at-home boxing-centric fitness system that includes a free-standing heavy bag; quick wraps for the hands, which have pockets for the trackers; and custom gloves (from $1,219). The program has three-minute workouts followed by one-minute rest sessions, grouped as in the form of four, six, eight or 10 rounds to give users plenty of options.

“Boxing is such a cathartic exercise,” said Mr. Duquette, chief content officer for FightCamp, “but not even a fighter is going to hit the bag every single day of the week.” As the brand has grown, workout diversity has become an important theme in FightCamp’s app ($39 a month), which now includes drills, core and recovery content.

Classes may create stamina, but the live leaderboard and versus mode, which allows a person to challenge others, keeps users returning, Mr. Duquette said, adding, “How cool is it to find a friend and challenge them to a workout?”