Hospitals and well being treatment staff in Ukraine beneath assault, a violation of the 1864 Geneva Conference – 60 Minutes

Tonight, the Russian military has abandoned its try to acquire Ukraine’s capital town. Kyiv is however beneath air assault, but Russian ground troops are retreating from the suburbs after suffering grievous losses. 

New visuals of liberated neighborhoods are scenes of spoil with proof of lots of civilian fatalities. A Pentagon source tells us the greatest fight now is for the coastal town of Mariupol. Far more than 100,000 civilians are trapped there. Also, Russian missiles have exploded in the major port metropolis of Odesa. Russia expected Ukraine to slide in a issue of times. But now, right after six weeks, the Russian armed service has unsuccessful to seize even one of its strategic goals.

8 days in the past, Russian missiles exploded in Lviv—the western Ukrainian city nearest to Poland and NATO. The attack was possibly a information to President Biden who was speaking in Poland that very same hour. The identify Lviv signifies “City of Lions.” And this past 7 days we traveled there to locate a defiant people, braving airstrikes, hurrying in medical materials, and sheltering the harmless. 

There was an attack on Lviv on March 26th. As Ukraine fought the inferno, Mr. Biden came to the stop of a precisely crafted speech, then, ad libbed his disgust for vladimir putin. 

President Biden in speech:  For God’s sake, this man can not continue to be in electric power. 

Among diplomats, it was heresy. In the bomb shelters of Lviv, it was a prayer. The location, centered on this almost 800-year-previous city, has barricaded its monuments and opened its coronary heart with shelter for half a million homeless Ukrainians.

Larysa (Translated): We want to go residence. We want to go dwelling now. But they are taking pictures there.

Larysa, her son and daughter fled the town of Kharkiv on a 19-hour coach with no food items or drinking water. 

“Bombing, bombing, bombing,” she instructed us. Bombing, day and night.”

“It is really like Armageddon,” she mentioned.


Ten million Ukrainians have fled Armageddon. 4 million out of the nation, 6 million compressed into Ukrainian towns. In the “Town of Lions” you can place the evacuation shelters by the cargo pallets outdoors. They are foundations for new households. This is a basketball court docket, blanketed in donated bedding. The homeless, wrapped in compassion, rest on the lattice of the wooden pallets. The only location they have in the planet actions 10 toes by 3 and a 50 percent.

A basketball court docket, blanketed in donated bedding

The shelters are dank, with the faint, acrid smell of much too several folks in also tiny a space. The rules are implied. Keep silent. Head your pallet. Do not show anxiety to the children. 

Food and medication are in short offer. Their only prosperity is time. Limitless hrs of get worried damaged by only by the sight of a new arrival or the wail of a siren.

Air raid warnings crack up the day and ship Ukrainians tapping for a new application they are unable to dwell devoid of. Identified as “Air Alarm,” it sets off the phone in an air raid and pinpoints where by the bombs are slipping. On this evacuation, we ran into Iryna. A girl who’d read a person siren also many.

“Why? Why are they wreaking this destruction? What did we do to them?” She stated of the Russians.


“When you search down at a suppress and you see a minor kid lying there, useless, what did she do? Hundreds of our minimal small children are remaining killed, minor kids, do you see?”

We did see, in an picture from the metropolis of mariupol. A blood-stained newborn blanket wrapped an 18-thirty day period-old boy. The mother follows her husband or wife into a hospital. Her baby, named Kirill, did not survive. We want to warn you that what you are about to see of this spouse and children is hard to observe, but this is Russia’s war on civilians in Ukraine.

The casualties contain the hospitals themselves. Russia targets them in a legal marketing campaign. This is a medical center in Mykolaiv, a further clinic in Mariupol, the Luhansk Kid’s Hospital, a medical center in Volnovakha and the maternity medical center in Mariupol. 

Dr. Jarno Habicht: We have witnessed, as of right now, 72 assaults on wellness. 

Dr. Jarno Habicht totals the atrocities as the head of the U.N.’s World Wellbeing Group in Ukraine.

  Dr. Jarno Habicht

Dr. Jarno Habicht: Quite a few medical professionals in the hospitals are also under attack. And it is not only hospitals. It could be hospitals. It could be the major treatment facilities. We have viewed numerous attacks to the ambulances. We have 71 deaths and a number of accidents also by way of individuals assaults.

Scott Pelley: Seventy-1 dead? People involve wellbeing treatment industry experts and their people?

Dr. Jarno Habicht: These are the well being treatment employees, people, those people who have been in the services.

Scott Pelley: How commonly are these assaults on medical infrastructure going on?

Dr. Jarno Habicht: Everyday. And that is worrisome.

Scott Pelley: In point, attacking health and fitness care employees and health treatment amenities is actually the initial war crime–

Dr. Jarno Habicht: Indeed.

Scott Pelley: From the Geneva Conference in 1864.

Dr. Jarno Habicht: Specifically. 

Scott Pelley: When a healthcare facility is attacked, what is missing?

Dr. Jarno Habicht: You drop hope, mainly because many folks go to hospital simply because they want to get the care. And when hospitals are attacked, you don’t have all those destinations where you can basically get healed and be taken care of.

Scott Pelley: And that is the loss of hope?

Dr. Jarno Habicht: Certainly.

In Ukraine nowadays, hope will have to be imported. We located it in an abandoned factory where an American charity, the Intercontinental Health-related Corps, is distributing clinical provides.

Dr. John Roberts: Everything is broken down specifically how you would see it, you know, in a pharmacy. For instance, amoxicillin, an antibiotic which is truly, truly valuable.

Correspondent Scott Pelley and Dr. John Roberts open a box of IHK’s

The IMC’s Dr. John Roberts informed us these boxes hold unexpected emergency provides termed an IHK or interagency wellbeing kit.

Scott Pelley: And this would deal with how numerous clients for how long?

Dr. John Roberts: So the IHK as a overall kit can handle 10,000 people today for 3 months.

Dr. John Roberts: We have introduced in tons, and tons, and tons of healthcare provides, surgical products, remedies, bandages, everything that you would need to not only do principal health care, but also to do medical procedures, to birth infants, to choose treatment of expecting girls.

Scott Pelley: With a region at war, how are the desires different? 

Dr. John Roberts: People feel “war,” they think it’s all gunshot wounds and bombs. But when you will not have the wellbeing care program there, every thing else which is not normally a dilemma all of a unexpected results in being a problem. So for occasion a thing as uncomplicated as blood strain treatment, or medication for heart failure, or diabetic issues, finding your insulin, that goes absent.

In the warehouse, we fulfilled two Global Medical Corps—co-employees– who not long ago fled burned-out condominium buildings in Mariupol. The Russians could not seize the southern port town so they bombed the 450,000 people back again to the Center Ages. Violetta Voloshkina and Oleksandr Lapaiev escaped with the reality.

  Oleksandr Lapaiev

“Instantly there was no gas at the gasoline stations,” Lapaiev advised us. “So, we could not go everywhere. Then, food stuff begun disappearing from the suppliers. And true hell broke free – electricity was out, we couldn’t demand our telephones, the warmth was absent. The worst thing was the explosions getting closer. The university was burning, some retailers were being on hearth. Following to our apartment making there was an deserted house. And that creating genuinely saved us, mainly because we could go there, break the doorway frames and window frames, and use that to get started fires.”

Scott Pelley: What occurred to the people you were with, in the bomb shelter?

Oleksandr Lapaiev (translated): There have been about 50 of us in the basement– no place to lie down, myself with my spouse and daughter. There was no lavatory, no h2o, no light-weight. 1 aged girl endured for two days, she shouted, she moaned. And consider, it is really 11 at evening, it is dark, and she passes absent.

He informed us, 4 times afterwards they escaped the basement. The physique of the aged lady was still by the doorway. 

“When we ended up in the basement,” Violetta told us, “We assumed that only our spot was currently being shelled, for the reason that planes have been flying in excess of us and dropping bombs. When we left the town, we noticed the whole city was wrecked.”

Scott Pelley: You gave us a photo of the basement shelter you have been in. What was that like?

Violetta Voloshkina (translated): We experienced to cook on a hearth. We failed to wash for two months due to the fact the h2o was only for consuming. We collected branches, manufactured a fire and all cooked jointly. All the individuals introduced every little thing they had. In a natural way, we cooked all the meat to start with mainly because it would spoil.

  Violetta Voloshkina

Scott Pelley: Your daughter turned 17 yrs old in the course of this invasion and I marvel if you imagine she has a upcoming in Ukraine?

“Every thing I have suits in a one suitcase,” Oleksander informed us. “I really don’t know, honestly, how a youngster is supposed to carry on.”

Scott Pelley: The Russians declare they are liberating the Ukrainian people.

Violetta Voloshkina (translated): We didn’t talk to any one to liberate us. We lived peacefully in our city. We lived our life. We went to function, and anything was good, we experienced a content lifetime. Anyone started out a war, and somebody ruined our life.

Lviv has known numerous invasions more than 8 hundreds of years. Below, just going about the day is an act of defiance. On the espresso shop doorway, we couldn’t aid but detect the indication that retains a day-to-day tally of Russian soldiers killed and planes and tanks and ships destroyed. The quantities are frothy but, within, the place ID’s are checked to preserve Russians out, they are serving up bravery.

In the shelters, Dr. John Roberts is hunting at the long haul, counting up the shortages. 

Dr. John Roberts: We check out and formulate particularly what they will need, and fill that require in the best way doable. So we deliver in tons of remedies–

Scott Pelley: You know, I assume that is the air raid siren.

Dr. John Roberts: Yes, it is.

As soon as again, Lviv took address. Through our stop by, the United Nations appointed a fee to examine war crimes–that will be for the future. For now, in the shelters of the “Town of Lions” they pray their light endures the darkness.

Developed by Nicole Youthful. Associate producer, Kristin Steve. Broadcast associates, Michelle Karim and Annabelle Hanflig. Edited by April Wilson.